Tune a stereo to any country station, and the song playing is probably about religion, patriotism, partying, or the ups and downs of a relationship. This rap battle turned ugly when the Westside Connection (a group that Ice Cube was in, along with Dub C and Mack 10) made their first song, Westside Slaughterhouse,” which lashed out at Common for speaking against gangsta rap. True I can say see that now but back in the days we thought It was some cool creative new party music coming from New York, but today's music is garbage cause 95% of these cats are fake and lying, like over the top shit. Even rap groups like Boogie Down Productions and Public Enemy were an extension of conscious rap that was birthed by The Message” record.

According to the Gospel Music Association, sales growth for rock and gospel rap is largely due to churches embracing diversity positive rap lyrics in music to appeal to youth and adults. They can also cut and splice many different songs and combine them together to make one exclusive gymnastics floor routine music piece! The reasons for the rise in hip hop music are found in the changing urban culture in the United States in the 1970's. Do some homework on early African music and it will be easy to see exactly where rappers fit right in there as modern musicians. It is time that lifestyle is actually reflected in the music they identify with most.

It wasn't said in a way that was respectful in a lot of ways, and in the same way that people would talk negative about gangsta rap and not really understand what its roots are. This is why, with their texturized beats and solid lyrics, they have remained some of the most popular, and thus, best conscious rappers of all time. Dead Prez carries the torch for socially conscious hip-hop, political awareness, and active resistance in their lyrics.

The source of power of black people stems from the drum, to the spirituals, to the blues, to jazz, to rock, to rhythm and blues, to Hip Hop music. If every hip hop/rap fan knew half of the knowledge in this post by Li Li here, about 45% of these rap artists would not be famous. I know quite a number of white people (one a former boyfriend) who flatly refused to acknowledge hip hop or rap as music but would freely admit to liking Eminem's music. Particularly with the advent of gangsta rap , many hip hop artists have come from underclass backgrounds.

Although many old school artists appeared to be more fond of the conscious rap that Hip-Hop used to be, there were newer school artists who also were more comfortable with Hip-Hop being underground and discussing newsworthy topics. Parental guidance should never be relegated to entertainers(except for their own kids, of course) Music is entertainment, thats it. Sure a few gems of knowledge can be dropped into a song, but the main purpose is to artistically entertain. When listening to music by artists you never heard of it's questionable if there good enough.

And so, like this (excellent) article says, when you look at where the genre stands now - the billboard records, the grammy awards, the sold out venues, all things that ought to be reason for celebration - and consider what the music has become since that Chuck D heyday, you can't help but wonder where it all went so wrong. According to Wikipedia, Conscious Hip Hop or socially conscious Hip-Hop is a sub-genre of hip hop that focuses on social issues.

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