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In the headline you obviously need the SEO keywords because that is what they're already tuned to and looking for, but then you want to intrigue the reader further. You MUST be the owner of the Amazon listing, not just attached to it with no control over the description and other important data for our SEO for Amazon to work. We can audit your SEO statistics and reports, fix errors,on- site and off-site SEO with using only white-hat seo method. It is good to know that Amazon is actually offering a lot of features that can enhance your title listing.

However, on Amazon as a product's sales rank improves, the number of search queries resulting in that product also increase. You can see the source keyword right at the end of the URL - &keywords=electric+drill - that tells Amazon that the source keyword was electric drill”. Our huge network of interested reviewers makes it easy for you to get sales traction and reviews to quickly improve your Amazon sales and keyword rankings. The first step to getting more search traffic to your site is to outrank Amazon.

What this tells us is that the best-selling products on Amazon use titles to clearly communicate the product to the consumer, rather than using their titles to gain advantage in Amazon search. I'm itching to know what you are going to do first to improve your Amazon SEO, so feel free to share your thoughts on this post or on SEO, in general, in the comment section below.

You can still use Google's Keyword Tool to find the most recent variables for your keywords, but you may also need to re-write your existing website content to reflect the querying habits of Amazon shoppers. Please confirm that you want to add Amazon SEO Seller: Rank Your Private Label Products With FBA to your Wishlist. Google's Panda update left a slew of victims in the wake of its warpath (the war, of course being on shallow and low-quality content). In this way, premium content on Amazon means producing content which is tailored to customers interested in buying the product.

Amazon itself is the best starting point for research because titles of well-ranking competitor products usually include valuable keywords to use. Besides the basics, I have also heard driving outside traffic driven to your listing can increase your Amazon SEO ranking but that is not proven. By implementing the aforementioned strategies, you will be on your way to great success on Amazon.

While having a strong presence in Google search results is important for brands, Amazon is the number one online destination for customers looking to research and make a purchase. Also known as the DP or product page, the product detail page is dedicated to the individual product that you feed to Amazon. From a consumer's point of view, Amazon is essentially seller agnostic, focusing SERPs on products rather than the sellers of those products. We have successfully achieved top rankings on Google with Amazon products, even in the most competitive markets.

As always; I hope this gave you some amazon seller seo AH HA moments and you can take some of this and turn it into actionable steps that make a huge impact on your Amazon business. A verified review is a review in which someone not only bought the product through Amazon, but also used the same amazon account to leave a review. The keywords in your description are what Amazon and other search engines will use to determine the nature of your product.

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