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We are engaged in offering a wide range of Office Chair like office seating systems, cushion seating systems to our customers. Liberate re-imagines the way a chair should behave, responding to the user's every movement to provide support at any angle. The chair is Office Chairs built with health orientated ergonomics in mind, featuring the unique DynaFlex system that provides intelligent feedback to the user. Featherlite has incorporated this technology into a product of seamless design that blends perfectly into the modern office environment. It also features a special flex lumbar support that synchronises perfectly with your back in all positions of recline.

At work, I currently use the rattiest crappiest chair I could find (we own a call center so I went picking through the chair graveyard) and it's the best chair I have ever sat in. At 350lbs+ and 10+ hours a day in the office, anything I sit in takes some abuse and this thing is still as good today as it was the day I dug it out of the trash pile 8 years ago.

But before we talk about that chair in particular, I think it will be useful—and in the grand cosmic scheme of things, probably more valuable—to talk a little about chairs in general. Over the last few years, we've started seeing a huge amount of research that has identified the central workplace health risk not in our ill-fitting chairs but in sitting in general. The first rule for correct chair use is to sit the buttocks as far back in the seat as possible.

If you're looking for a chair that you're going to be sitting in 10 hours a day (hopefully not all at once!) while plugging away on your computer (and your next computer, and probably the one after that), plopping down in some showroom model, kicking your feet up and checking Twitter on your phone isn't going to be all that insightful. And ultimately, I decided the best way to go about things was to play that role here, trying to identify a chair that made sense for the biggest group of people.

Those who already suffer from back pain, Lueder explained, might benefit from a chair that gently rocks instead of reclines , or a stool-chair hybrid that allows for a more open thigh-torso angle. The basic principals that have guided chair design for the last several decades have, to some extent, trickled down to the lesser chairs of the world, and it's certainly possible to find a chair that makes good ergonomic sense for you at the office supply store down the street. I talked to one expert who had actually advised one of the big box office supply chains on their task chairs.

At the end of the day, you need to be in love with (or, at the very least, not hate) how your chair looks. Take your time shopping around for the chair that suits you in order to ultimately find the perfect one. In keeping with the process of non-interference in daily activity, I have created an office chair to both detect and Twitter my flatulence without having to bother me to update it myself. It was a street right next to our house, so I told my kids to toss the chairs in our garage, knowing I needed some for my two oldest kids.

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